BonusCloud develops an exclusive encrypted network on the basis of Kademlia network, also can be divided and aggregated based on features of the user’s basic network.
BonusCloud provides community with different kinds of computing environments, so as to meet the requirements of different developers.
Different workers in BonusCloud will be allocated to support different scenarios according to their different storage and bandwidth capabilities.
BonusCloud provides customers with an open and trustworthy environment to conduct valuable exchange of computing capability.


Wide user coverage

users can join networks with various devices more flexibly.

Cloud computing experience

10 years of experience in cloud computing, independently completed R & D of cloud computing platform including virtualization,resource scheduling, SDN networks and cloud storage, etc. Experience of operating more than 500 thousand servers.

Cross platform R & D experience

software and hardware R & D experience on platforms like X86, ARM, GPU and FPGA.

All-around team

cloud computing company team with years of tacit cooperation in R & D, operation, marketing,BD,and sales, etc. Years of experience in Blockchain industry and network security.

Customer resources

core members of the team have served as head of sales in large IT companies such as Alibaba and CISCO. Lots of customer resources at Top 500 Global Corporations.


Psymon Li

CEO of Meituan Cloud, former director of Network Department of Alibaba, former chairman of Baidu System Technology Committee.

Grace Gao

General manager of CISCO XaaS and Cloud Partner Greater China, former director of global technology strategy cooperation of Alibaba.

Sid Wong

CTO of Meituan Cloud, former director of network product R&D of Alibaba Cloud and Alipay, former technique manager of Baidu CDN.

Sean Ley

Former head of SRE and Devops of Meituan Cloud, Meituan Dianping technical expert , former senior system engineer of Baidu.

Will Wong

Former Meituan Dianping network and security technical expert,former senior network and security engineer of Sangfor.

Felix Ying

Former head of Storage team of Meituan Cloud. Meituan Dianping technical expert. Abundant experience in distributed systems and high concurrency systems.

Geiger Gao

A senior IT industry expert with more than 15 years of experience in Information Communications Technology. He was responsible for planning and designing multiple carrier-level products.

Shawn Wong

Senior brand public relations expert and public opinion big data expert,has many years of experience in the field of Internet marketing and new media communication.For SMG, Youku and dozens of first-line stars, many years of marketing public relations and public opinion big data services.

Candice Chen

Former Meituan senior front-end developer, lecturer of Meituan Internet + college, former senior front-end developer of iQiyi.

Yuqing Chen

Former Meituan HRBP,worked in Baidu and Russell Reynolds Associates,expert in recruiting,compensation and benefit.

Sinan Wong

Former Meituan product operation expert,senior business analyst of Meituan Cloud.

Vincent Guo

Former Meituan senior network R&D engineer, former Meituan Cloud senior network R&D engineer.

Lorraine Lo

Former Secretary for International Affairs of CEO’s Office of Phoenix TV, once worked in Antena 3 (Spain) Asia as News Producer.

Anton Skorzewski

Russian speaking Community Operations Leader, Deputy Director General of China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group CO.,LTD.,Ukraine.

Vitaliy Davitiani

Russian speaking Community Operations Technical Leader, Automotive Embedded Software Developer.


Binsheng Wang

Consultant of Blockchain Development Organization, professor at Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Coly Li

Linux Kernel Maintainer, former founder of Taobao kernel team.


Huobi Capital
spark captal



Institutions and Strategic Partners
2.1 Billion
It will be released evenly by quarter in 1 year
2.8 Billion
It will be released evenly within 4 years.
Founding Team
1.4 Billion
It will be released evenly by quarter in 3 years.
BonusCloud Foundation and Ecosystem
0.7 Billion
It will be released after listing.


  • Q2 2018,the BonusCloud Kick-off

  • Q3 2018,White Paper and BonusNet Beta

  • Q4 2018,BonusChain Kick-off

  • Q1 2019,BonusComputing Kick-off

  • Q1 2019,BonusChain Beta

  • Q2 2019,BonusNet 1.0 and BonusChain 1.0

  • Q3 2019,BonusStorage Kick-off

  • Q3 2019,BonusComputing Beta

  • Q4 2019,Full Function platform Kick-off

  • Q4 2019,BonusComputing 1.0 and BonusStorage Beta

  • Q1 2020,SDE,SDK and BonusStorage 1.0



  • What is BonusCloud? And what is it used for?

    BonusCloud aims to develop a decentralized, trustworthy global infrastructure platform combining Blockchain and cloud computing technology, which is the foundation for an open-ended shared ecosystem we endeavor to build.

    BonusCloud aims to develop a decentralized, trustworthy global infrastructure platform combining Blockchain and cloud computing technology, which is the foundation for an open-ended shared ecosystem we endeavor to build.

  • What is BxC? What is BxC used for?

    BxC is the Token for the BonusCloud platform, used as rewards offered by the platform to the nodes which contribute resources, and users can purchase resources by BxC.

    Based on the erc20 protocol, BxC can be traded and transferred via the ETH wallet.

    Contract Address for BxC: 0xdeCF7Be29F8832E9C2Ddf0388c9778B8Ba76af43

  • What is total amount of BxC, and how are they distributed?

    The total amount of BxC is 7,000,000,000 (7 Billion)
    1)30% for the institutions and strategic partners
    2)40% for awards to miners (will be produced along with the new blockchains and dug daily within 4 years, with a daily amount of 1917808 BxC to be released to reward all the nodes in the network.
    3)20% for the team
    4)10% for the foundations and the ecological construction.

  • What is the price of private sale for BxC?

    1 ETH : 100,000 BxC

    The fundraising is completed entirely by ETH, which only corresponds to ETH and does not correspond to any legal currency.

  • How about the BxC’s lock-up situation?

    1)Institutions and strategic partners: to be released 35% at the first public offering, and as to the rest 65%, to be released quarterly by an average amount within a year.

    2)Rewards for mining: to be released averagely along with the new produced blocks within four years from the first block, every 24 hours 1917808 BxC to be released.

    3)Team: to be released quarterly and averagely within 3 years.

  • Where can I trade the BxC?

    The first public trade for BxC has already been proceeded in gate.io on Sept. 17, 2018, and will be other exchange platforms in the near future.

  • Which factors will determine the price of BxC?

    BonusCloud aims to offer enterprises a distributed cloud computing solution, with resources contributed by community users as network nodes. In BonusCloud network, BxC is used to purchase the resources, and the community nodes who contribute resources can obtain rewards through daily releases rewards along with new blocks. The more active and prosperous the multilateral network ecology is, the greater the GDP of the whole network will be, and the higher the unit price of BxC will be. Meanwhile, the more frequent the resources in the could computing network are used, the greater value of BxC will be.

    The prosperity of the network nodes deeply depends on the contributions made by the community users, as a consequence, we warmly welcome more users to be part of the BonusCloud network and join with us to create the future of blockchain infrastructures.

  • How to join BonusCloud?

    We are now in the step of internal test, and will open for public testing on October, 2018, with first public conduction of terminal (routers, Raspberry Pi, etc.) as nodes of Lite to join BonusCloud to contribute network resources such as bandwidth and computing power.

    To guarantee the gains for the nodes who participate in the early stage during the public testing, it is necessary to activate the device with BonusCode to join the network.

  • What is BonusCode?

    BonusCode is the certificate for nodes already joined BonusCloud testing network, contributed resources and obtained rewards, designed to guarantee rights and interests of every user of the nodes. Each BonusCode can activate a device to join the network, and only allowed once. Once the BonusCode picked, it will link directly to the account, not allowed to unbundle nor transfer.

    BonusCode is only be used during the early stage of the public testing, and will be canceled after then.

  • How to get BonusCode?

    After the launch of the public testing for the testing network of BonusCloud (Now in the stage of internal testing), users who want to join in can go to our official website to get BonusCode, and each account can get ten opportunity to get BonusCloud everyday. BonusCode is released in different periods, and each period with a certain amount. Once get BonusCode, it will be shown in the list of what you’ve got where is in the first page after logging in. Once the device activated, user can go to setting-hardware for the condition of the linkage between the BonusCode and the device.

  • How to activate the device once get the BonusCode.

    The ways will be different according to the different types of devices, devices for Lite nodes in the internal testing stage are of devices of ARM v7 structure, including routers and Raspberry Pi etc.

    More devices will be supported to join in the public testing stage. Please find the instructions for the activation via the updates published in the official website of BonusCloud .

  • How to get rewards?

    Mining Revenue

    Nodes will obtain a certain degree of contribution after joining the network. In a certain number of blocks, the network allocates BxC as rewards based on the contribution of a node in the fixed block interval compared to all nodes in the whole network.

    On the other hand, users pay by BxC after purchase and usage of the resource of the nodes according to the task outcome quality of the nodes. Please be noted that, since the users who purchase resources occupy numerous nodes, the rewards of this part are distributed and obtained to nodes which contributed resources according to the task completion condition.

    Referral Revenue

    See FAQ 16 for the invitation mechanism and corresponding rewards.

    DApp Developer evenue

    In the future, DApp developers will be better supported to develop DApps based on the BonusCloud network for demanders to gain more revenue.

  • How to get contributions?

    Once a node joins the BonusCloud network, it accumulates contributions according to online and task status, and there are there types of contributions:

    1)Online contribution

    2)Task contribution

    3)Task reward contribution

    TWhen you complete a task perfectly, you can get a portion of the contribution bonus as a reward for the gains from the use of the node resources.

    Users can get contributions by completing tasks with device(s) (network/ computing/ storage, etc), devices without task can get certain online contribution, but cannot get task contribution.

    (1)As to the network tasks: routers and developments boards are allowed to carry network tasks. By default, among the devices shared in a same public network IP, only one device is to be allocated into network tasks, the rest can only get online contributions.

    (2)As to the computing tasks: development boards or devices with higher capacity of computing are allowed to conduct computing tasks (temporarily not open).

  • How to check my obtained gains? And how to withdraw them into legal currency?

    After the launch of the public testing, users can log in in the official website of BonusClod to check the obtained gains of your node(s). The days of the gains will be updated along with the certain new produced blocks. The gains accumulated up certain amount, users can withdraw BxC into your own ETH wallet for transaction.

  • More channels to know more about BonusCloud?










  • How much reward can you get?

    Blocks by UTC time will produce 79,908 BxCs per hour, which are distributed to all network nodes according to the online conditions of the nodes. The reward of a single node depends on the stability of the network and the amount of nodes in the current network.

    Total reward

    • Total rewards: 7,000,000,000 * 40% = 2,800,000,000 BxC
    • Reward settlement period: UTC time 60 minutes
    • UTC Time The total hourly reward is: Total(RT) = 79,908 BxC

    Network task reward algorithm

    • Contribution of a certain network device P = (online stability contribution Po + task contribution Pw) * α
    • Let the user be x, have n devices, and there are m users in the whole network, then the account contribution of user x is Px = P1+P2+P3+...+Pn, and the total contribution of users of the whole network is PT = Px1 +Px2+Px3+...+Pxm
    • So UTC time user x reward per hour Rx = (Px / PT) RT (100% - 1%) (1% of platform technology service fee per transaction)

    Among them

    • Po=Online number of minutes for a single device*Ko, Ko is the online stability weight system (currently Ko = 1)
    • Pw=single device task minutes*Kw, Kw is the task weight coefficient (Kw = 9 under network task, the calculation task will increase the weight of CPU, storage, etc.)
    • α is a mining factor calculated by hash, distributed between 0.95 and 1.05, expected to be 1
    • RT = 79,908

    Algorithm of task reward calculation

    pending upgrade

  • How is the invitation mechanism and the corresponding rewards?

    Apart from the rewards for mining, BonusCloud also offers rewards for invitation by the nodes.

    Every user can generate his own invitation link through the BonusCloud official website. Once user B clicks the invitation link of user A, completes the registration process and begins to mine, user A can get additionally rewards of the amount equivalent to 1% of the gains for mining of user B as invitation rewards.

    The invitation rewards of BxC are to be released by the BonusCloud Foundation, which makes no impact on the gains of the users invited by previous user.

  • Will BonusCloud sell own specific device?

    No, BonusCloud's goal is to take advantage of the current market's idle computing power, so it will continue to expand the types of compatible devices on the market.

    However, we do not restrict third-party device install services. Please ensure that your device-related reward account belongs to you. (Refer to the BonusCode activation process)

    At the same time, we also welcome willing partners to help us customize the standards-compliant device to provide users with a more convenient access solution.

  • Where is the resource provided by the node used?

    BonusCloud provides a distributed cloud computing solution for enterprises, and the resources is the contribution of network nodes. Enterprises using BonusCloud resources need to pay BxC token, and this part of BxC token will also be returned to all online network nodes in the form of additional rewards for tasks.

    BonusCloud's services for enterprises are:

    (1) Performance monitoring and pressure testing

    (2) P2P computing and cloud storage

    (3) VPN edge access

    (4) IoT data aggregation analysis

    (5) Public chain carring

    Etc. (see white paper for details)